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Age (when joined): 22

Weight: 59 kg

Height: 168 cm

Origin: Ukraine

Aislin is a fashion and nude Ukrainian model with a beautiful smile and big natural breasts. She is a pleasant girl with a very good mood, and she is completely uninhibited in front of the camera. Aislin poses naturally and without strain. Her erotic photos are very hot, and she is comfortable in all positions. Aislin always keeps a big smile, and her eyes shine with joy as she stretches her legs wide for the most extreme poses. Aislin makes it all look sexy and natural, and, one might say, almost innocent.

Still very young, Aislin is a very experienced model, having worked in a large number of photo and video productions for all the major studios. Aislin brings beauty and charisma to the Nakety family, and adds greatly to our catalogue of gorgeous babes.


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