Black Fox

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Age (when joined): 24

Height: 168 cm

Origin: Russia

Meet Black Fox, this hot babe from Russia. She is really foxy, with a voracious look, and deep dark hair that contrasts savagely with her pale white skin. Black Fox is a slinky cat, and she hides an animal spirit behind the cuteness of her pussycat face. Such feline grace is a disguise nurtured by the instincts of a natural predator. And we are her prey.

We bring Black Fox to Nakety so that our members can enjoy this hot brunette nude and uninhibited. Her soft white skin is a beautiful vision. Her round small ass is an inspiring tale. Her natural tits are delicious to see. Her pussy is an invitation to desire. Black Fox is really a treat! Now sit back and enjoy this beautiful girl! 

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she is so lovely