Cara Mell

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Age (when joined): 24

Weight: 56 kg

Height: 168 cm

Origin: Ukraine

Say cheers to Cara Mell, this spectacular fashion and erotic model from Ukraine. Cara Mell is the epitome of perfection. That is not to say much. Her irreproachable breasts adorn her façade in ostentatious flair. The swift lines of her sides drive the gaze from her graceful shoulders to her absolute hips, where her statuesque legs, built to divine proportions, support the whole monument. The arched pillars of the edifice at times hide, at times reveal her unreal pussy, crafted by a superior designer for the inspiration of men. And above these marvelous works an enchanting smile attracts our spirit, then captured by her sparkling eyes. 

We are proud to have Cara Mell on Nakety and we hope you will join the endless crowds that revere this gorgeous babe. 


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