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Age (when joined): 19

Height: 163 cm

Origin: Russia

Caramel is a dream come true. This alluring Russian girl is simply perfect. Caramel has peach-shaped breasts that are just the right size, and a round ass so sexy and cute that it is an endless source of fascination. Very few women can claim to have such harmonious body proportions, and a beautiful face like hers is a rare and precious treasure. Caramel is really an impressive girl, with a graceful smile, and a gorgeous, inviting look in her eyes. This tempting babe has a perfect combination of youthful shyness and a sexually expressive body language. It is very hard not to be impressed by this amazing girl! 

We are pleased to bring Caramel to you as one of the first girls to be featured on Nakety, and we invite you to enjoy the pleasure of seeing her completely nude in our photo galleries.


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Sweet little angel!