Debora Alta

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Age (when joined): 22

Height: 152 cm

Origin: Ukraine

Debora Alta is a very slim and elegant model from Ukraine with long legs and beautiful small tits. She has sexy lips and a penetrating look. Her ass is small and cute, and her pussy is beautiful and inviting. Debora Alta has very soft and fair hair, and her expression is charming and discreet. As a contrasting note, she has a big red rose tattooed on her left thigh, with blossoming petals like an open pussy. She has a graceful way to pose and to show her pussy and ass without ever looking vulgar. That’s one of her natural talents, but she has many others. Here we’ll leave you guessing. 

We are very proud to bring this delicious nude model to Nakety, and we are certain you will enjoy the erotic content we are producing with her. 


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i want to see a lot more of the lovely Debora - particularly that luscious pussy of hers.