Genevieve Gandi

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Age (when joined): 24

Height: 175 cm

Origin: Russia

Genevieve Gandi is a Russian model and actress with shiny blue eyes and amazing natural breasts. This beautiful babe is a kind woman, and very charming. She is friendly and accessible, and and always talks to everyone with a smile on her face. Genevieve started modeling while still very young, and began to work as an erotic model when she was just eighteen years old. Since then she developed a thriving career, not only as an erotic model, but also in fashion, and as a movie actress. In everything she does we can see the care and dedication of a woman who loves her work. This inspiring passion and her many natural talents combine to make her an outstanding model, and an amazing woman. We are very pleased to have Genevieve Gandi on Nakety, and we are sure our members will appreciate everything this gorgeous girl has prepared for them!


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