Flower Power

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Date: 2018-07-15

Model: Jia Lissa

Artist: Flora

Jia Lissa was featured on Nakety from the first day, and now she stars in our first video. How much do you think we love this gorgeous redhead? Jia Lissa is an amazing girl in many senses. She is hot, and beautiful, and charming. Here we see this delicious girl teasing herself with her fingers, rubbing her pussy and asshole with pleasure, in an extremely exciting scene in which she half masturbates, half teases and provokes her audience. She plays with herself around that thin line between extravagant glamour and explicit erotic imagery. Maybe that is the most exiting lines of all, where your imagination join hers, and together you reach the climax of sexually loving souls.


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jdronos72's picture
Maybe it could be a little harder, but it's very hot!

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