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Date: 2018-12-13

Model: Jia Lissa

Artist: Flora

On the day Nakety was launched, about nine months ago, we published four photo sets with four models, one of which is Jia Lissa. The first line of her profile read "Jia Lissa is a natural star”. She is talented, intelligent, and so much fun. And the girl is hot! At that time, Jia had just started her modeling career, but she was already being requested by all major studios, who were quick to spot such a promising girl. Just a few months later, Jia Lissa has already reached the higher levels of fame and recognition. And she will not stop there.

This video was shot at that time, and it shows an excited young girl having fun while playing with herself, at times forgetful in her own self-pleasure, at times exchanging inviting looks with her future audience. Jia Lissa shows her boundless love of self-expression, by being completely free and comfortable while playing for the camera. She touches and caresses herself in such a natural and beautiful way that it feels as if she were not doing it in front of the camera. Or maybe this is exactly the reason why she looks so natural. After all, Jia Lissa was born to be a star! 


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