Fair Play

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Date: 2018-08-11

Model: Leona Mia

Artist: Flora

Leona Mia makes her first video appearance on Nakety in this hot feature called Fair Play. The delicious Russian brunette plays with herself alone in bed, rubbing her pussy and spreading her legs open to offer us a piece of very subtle masturbation, and a very hot performance. Leona plays with her nude body, and shows us her pussy, her ass, her tiny little tits. We enjoy the show as she rolls over to the side, and we see her ass from an extremely revealing position. She sits and plays with her nipples, she turns her back to us and rubs her asshole.

All the while Leona Mia seems to be focused on her self-play, oblivious to the fact that we are watching her masturbate. She just plays on and on, enjoying herself with pleasure, and maybe intimately enjoying being watched. How hot is it for a girl to be watched while she masturbates? Let Leona Mia play, and we will have a clue. 


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