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Age (when joined): 24

Height: 174 cm

Origin: Ukraine

Mirabella is a beautiful brown-eyed girl from Ukraine with nice small tits and a slim body. She has a very sexy look and an extremely graceful posture. In her work as an erotic model, Mirabella conveys a high level of eroticism with an elegance that is precious and rare. She carries herself with the poise of a ballerina, and yet she radiates the sexual energy of an erotic star. That is a lot of sexiness in one package!

We bring Mirabella to Nakety with the certainty that our members will rejoice in seeing this gorgeous nude model in the updates that we are preparing for them. Mirabella will shine in our pages, as she reveals all her beauty without reservation, and we can appreciate her discreetly sensual smile, her soft and firm tits, her long slim legs, her compact butt cheeks, her generous pussy lips. Welcome to Nakety, Mirabella! 


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Call her Mirabella, Celine Y, Celinne, Mira, Mira X, Mirra or Irina, she is a real Beauty!