Rita Y

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Age (when joined): 24

Height: 168 cm

Origin: Ukraine

Rita Y is a gorgeous brunette from Ukraine with a very curvy body and a captivating smile. This babe is a feast to the senses, with her beautiful natural breasts, her round and firm butt cheeks, and her juicy and generous pussy lips.

Rita Y is a nice young woman with a friendly personality. You can see it in the way she looks and smiles. She is really charming and welcoming. A hot young woman like her would have all the excuses to be picky and hard to please, but Rita Y is a very pleasant girl that doesn’t abuse her powers of seduction.

It’s a pleasure to have Rita Y on Nakety, and we are very happy that she is one of the first models to join us. We’ll soon be posting the first of a series of hot updates with this delicious erotic model! 


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